Do You Need a Carburetor Cleaned?

Our ultrasonic cleaning technology delivers a medical-quality cleaning of your carburetor. Ship your carburetor to us. We will clean it, then send it back to you. And we'll even pay for the shipping back. It's that easy!

The Truth About Cleaning Carburetors

Did you try and fail?

Not sure if the carb is the problem?

Don’t worry. We have you covered. We have been cleaning and fixing carburetors since 2003.

Our medical-quality ultrasonic cleaning system cleans your carburetor to the specs of an operating room. You wouldn’t want debris in the operating room and you don’t want debris on your carburetor.

Ship us your dirty carburetor and we will use ultrasonic cleaning technology to drive even the tiniest particles of debris and gunk out of your carburetor.Once it’s clean, we’ll ship it back to you.

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Let’s Face Facts

Here’s the sad fact that no one wants to tell you: Cleaning a carburetor isn’t as easy as it looks. The smallest piece of debris can restrict fuel flow. You know the rest. Most people don’t have the tools or the patience to clean a carburetor to the level it needs to work again.

Our trained staff cleans single-barrel, double-barrel, triple-barrel and four-barrel carbs on cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, lawnmowers and tractors and just about everything else you can think of.

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology Works?

Cleaning carburetors is tough. Most of what gums up carburetors is remnants of the fuel itself. The gasoline is extracted from the soil, often Canadian soil, using an aqueous solution before it gets distilled.The result is more varnish, or shellac. Compounding matters more is the ethanol that’s added to most gasoline. Over time, the gasoline, oil and ethanol in the carburetor start separating from one another in the carburetor, fuel lines and gas tank. The result is a complicated mess of debris that’s nearly impossible to remove using typical methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology uses ultrasonic waves in the cleaning solution to break away the debris that’s left in the carburetor. When combined with our cleaning solution, the result is a molecular change that essentially heats up and cleans up the areas where it’s being applied. The result is that the ultrasonic waves find and separate debris from the tiny nooks and crannies and the hard-to-reach areas that can foul up your carburetor. It gets into places you cannot see and removes debris too small for humans to see. And it doesn’t hurt the carburetor at all. In fact, it makes the carburetor ready todo its job once again.

Don’t buy cleaners or think more elbow grease will do it. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is the answer. And we are here for you.

Here’s a partial list of some of the carburetors we clean:

· 2 barrel

· 4 barrel

· Aisan

· Bendix

· Carter Carbs

· Chevrolet Performance Carbs

· Demon Carbs

· Edelbrook

· Fst Performance

· Holley

· Jegs

· Jet Performance

· Keihin Carbs

· Lectron Carbs

· Marine Carbs

· Mercruiser

· Mikuni

· Motorcraft Carbs

· Nikki Carbs


· Proform Carbs

· PJ1

· Quadrajet

· Quick Fuel

· Rochester Carbs


· S&S Carbs

· Speedmaster

· Solex

· Volvo Penta

· Weber

· YSC Yamaha Carbs

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